A Great Recipe for Pie Pastry, and How to Make Bacon Egg Pies

A Great Recipe for Pie Pastry, and How to Make Bacon Egg Pies



Pies are an extraordinary innovation.


Concealing stuff inside baked good is the most established stunt in the book, and not many individuals can oppose the smell of newly cooked Amparo Repostería brilliant cake, and afterward gnawing through to an aromatic exquisite filling inside.


This is one of life’s extraordinary delights. Right up ’til the present time I actually recall being at Tamaki Primary School in New Zealand and being moved by the smell of the pies showing up for school lunch, the fragrance floating a few doors down and slicing through our capacities to focus like an oxy-acetylene light applied to a square of margarine.


At the point when I was a chap we had a set number of choices when it came to pies, however they were scrumptious choices.


We had a decision of mince pies, steak pies, pepper pies, potato top pies, the ridiculously outlandish “curry pie” and afterward an extraordinary development, the tomato and onion pie, where portions of superheated onion consumed across one’s lip like an irate box jellyfish.


On the ends of the week, in case we were fortunate, the bacon and egg pie would show up, and this was truly outstanding of the parcel.


I put it on our morning meal buffet half a month prior and it’s a famous expansion.


Nowadays we are spoilt for decision, and the appetizing filling inside your pie is restricted simply by your creative mind.


Some incredible ones incorporate cauliflower and cheddar, broccoli mornay, green curry chicken, massaman hamburger, meat and red wine sauce, mushroom pies, chicken mushroom white wine, goulash, smoked fish in white parsley sauce and basically anything from your cherished cooking that can be bound in sauce and encased in baked good!


The ideal pie requires a denser pie mixture base, a delightful filling, and a flaky baked good top.


Puff baked good can be utilized for the cover, albeit this tends to satisfy it’s name and puff skywards like a formal hat.


Better is a flaky baked good, or a ‘harsh puff’ which is quicker and simpler to make.


Here is a formula for the top


Harsh Puff/flaky cake


550g flour


120 grease


200 margarine


1 tsp salt


Filter flour and blend the salt through it


Rub half of the grease through the flour and rub it with fingertips until it seems as though breadcrumbs.


Include sufficient chilled water to make a delicate mixture.


Blend the spread in with the leftover fat


Roll the doughh into a square shape.


Take 1/3 of the margarine fat blend and put teaspoon measured lumps across 2/3 of the baked good on the left.


Overlap the unfilled right hand side 1/3 of cake over portion of the cake with spread handles to the left. Overlap to one side once more.


There are currently three layers. Seal the open sides of the cake by squeezing delicately. Transform 90 degrees and roll into a square shape once more.


Chill baked good in the ice chest for 15 minutes


rehash last advance with half of the excess margarine grease blend


Chill again in refrigerator for 15 minutes

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