Amateur Desktop DIY CNC Machine for Home Use

Amateur Desktop DIY CNC Machine for Home Use

Recent trends among craftsmen have seen CNC (computer numerical control), machines used in domestic purposes increasing in popularity. Nearly everyone now has a personal computer or desktop, which allows them to perform complex and time-consuming tasks in modeling, electronics, graphics, and other areas.

Why do we need a desktop DIY CNC machine?

If an amateur hobbyist is well-versed in the theory and practice of making precision mechanics, he can design and build a machine for his own purposes. This task is not for everyone. A desktop machining plexiglass

DIY CNC machine is necessary to make a cheap machine. A well-established, ready-to-use machine with stepper motors is a good choice for “lazy”.


You can use the machine as a work tool:

Drill holes for the manufacture of printed circuit boards

You can mill on wood, plastics and other similar materials.

You can cut complex shapes out of plywood pieces (e.g. In modeling

All non-metal materials can be engraved

You can use the machine to draw and inscribe on various materials, such as paper, film and CD drives.

You can use the machine to make a toolhead with a laser diode.

Print wiring images in amateur production of printed circuit boards

You can burn graphics, images, and labels in a variety materials (wood, plexiglass or plastics, etc.).

Advertising self-adhesive films type are cut letters, inscriptions and drawings of microporous materials between 1-6 mm thickness.

Plywood photos and wood photos can be burned to make family photos.

Laser engraving nameplates on metal and plastic materials

You can make complex-shaped pieces from materials that aren’t too thick.


The triaxial desktop DIY CNC machine is a great choice if you’re looking for a home-use machine. It is durable and strong, made from aluminum material. It can be used for wood carving, thanks to its adjustable focal length. It can be used for laser engraving, wood carving, PCB sculpture, and acrylic sculpture. This machine also features a constant-current driverboard, which ensures a steady output of optical power. External driver boards are not required. This desktop triaxial DIY CNC machine is a great option for home.


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