Self Protection For Women – 5 Parking Lot Safety Tips You Should Know

 Self Protection For Women – 5 Parking Lot Safety Tips You Should Know


A great many people observe that parking areas are unavoidable nowadays – you’re continually going to require a spot to stop when you go to work or go out on the town to shop. That is the reason it is critical to know how to deal with yourself in parking areas. These can be perilous spots, since lawbreakers focus on this space because 안전공원 of low lighting, low degrees of safety, and the way that many individuals stroll to their vehicle alone into the evening.


These elements consolidate to shape an ideal spots for hoodlums to assault you and your property.


Parking garage Safety Tips


The following are a couple of things you can do to incredibly decrease the possibilities that you succumb to one of these hoodlums.


At the point when you stroll through a parking area around evening time (any time truly, however particularly around evening time) keep your keys in your grasp. This makes it simpler to get in your vehicle quickly, and your keys can be utilized as a weapon assuming you are assaulted.


On the off chance that you can, travel to work with companions or collaborators. An aggressor is probably going to target individuals who are separated from everyone else, so assuming you show up to work with a gathering of individuals and stroll to your vehicle with a gathering of individuals, an assailant will sit tight for a simpler objective.


Assuming you park in a parking structure that has different levels, attempt not utilizing the steps. The steps make for a simple spot for an aggressor to stow away, and there is a decent possibility you will be distant from everyone else in the step well – making you an obvious objective. Take the lift all things being equal.


A great many people these days open their vehicle with the buttons on their keychain. This is something incredible to have, yet don’t utilize it until you are right close to your vehicle. Utilizing it when you are far away from your vehicle shows a potential assailant precisely where you are going, and they can arrive on schedule to stow away by your vehicle for a simple assault.


Keep your hands free. On the off chance that you want to convey papers with you from work, utilize a rucksack so you have your hands free. Assuming your hands are full, you resemble a simpler objective since you can’t secure yourself as without any problem.

Self Preservation Items You Can Use


On the off chance that you are sufficiently sad to wind up being assaulted in a parking area, there are a few powerful, reasonable self protection things you can utilize. The following are two of them:


Immobilizers – If you send large number of volts of power through your assailant, they won’t want to assault you any more drawn out. Indeed, they’ll most likely be laying on the ground in a lot of torment. Immobilizers can be veiled as numerous normal things – cells, and lipstick first off – and can without much of a stretch be conveyed in your grasp, pocket, tote, or even on your keychain.


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