What Is IPM?

 What Is IPM?


Coordinated Pest Management or IPM Ecology and Out Door Living


This is the EPA meaning of IPM:

“In specialized terms, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is the planned utilization of nuisance and ecological data with ipm17-tp accessible irritation control strategies to forestall inadmissible degrees of bug harm by the most practical means and with the most un-conceivable risk to individuals, property, and the climate”.


I don’t think it goes very far enough myself. For it to truly be incorporated, and far reaching, it needs to accomplish something other than coordinate the method for treating the side effects, it needs to track down fixes and work on counteraction too. The irritations we have in our out entryway living spaces, are a consequence of different choices made before.


Actually, WE CREATE MOST OF OUR PROBLEMS! We build another porch, which makes some water puddle up when it downpours or when the water system turns on. Bam-mosquito reproducing region!


At our next picnic, we slap at them so irately, that every one of the neighbors think we are waving them over for burgers. We have a go at utilizing anti-agents, we purchase foggers and citronella tiki lights, call the exterminator, fabricate purple martin houses, and still they come!


We are treating side effects. The issue is the standing water. Dispose of it, and the parasitic little infection transporters disappear, alongside the expense for the annihilation, the foggers, the anti-agents, the lights, and the time and cost of additional burgers for the neighbors.


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